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Small country big achievements!

I am soooooo proud of Team GB! It’s amazing to be 3rd in the medal count anyway but then I started thinking about our great country and all the things we have achieved  considering how small our little island is! The things the people of the UK have invented, discoveries made and battles won.

Here are a few numbers for you with regards to the Olympics and our achievements.


China – 1,347,350,000 – 1st in the list of countries by population!

USA – 314,059,000  3rd in the list of countries by population

UK – 62,262,000- 22nd in the list of countries by population

China have  1,285,088,000 more people than us and the USA  have 251,797,000 more people than us. These two big boys have so many more athletes to choose from when it comes to putting together their teams and you would be worried if they weren’t at the top of the board. Looking at our population the UK  and population to medal ratio we are doing amazingly!


Hopefully we will add some more to that table! All I have to say is we totally kick ass at rowing and cycling!

It has been nice witnessing people coming together to support our nation, I know all the hard work is down to those athletes and their coaches etc but is nice to be part of something. The majority of people have come together to support these sports whether it is down at the stadiums, at large screens or in their homes, everyone is proud and has done their bit to cheer on our team.

The Olympics will be over this week 😦 making way for the Paralympics 🙂 but I don’t know what I am going to do in between, it has been my life since it started! I didn’t think my bf Dave even liked sports but he is totally obsessed too which is nice as we have been able to watch and shout at the TV together!

Hopefully the Olympics being in London has promoted sports a bit more and we will have more top class athletes to compete for us in the future!

Proud to be British

I was going to have an evening of making bunting and starting my table plan but due to certain things I can’t so I got all obsessed with the Olympics again! Back to wedding things again soon with only 32 days to go!

Happy Olympic watching



More Olympics!

Team GB had a good day getting up the 5th on the medal table winning gold in men’s double canoeing, men’s double trap and men’s team cycling sprint. Yesterday we got gold in women’s double rowing and men’s cycling time trials. We also have 6 silvers and 4 bronze. Hopefully there are a few more golds in the pipeline! It’s always nice to have some of our team in the finals and winning medals, give you a good excuse to shout at the T.V!

Today is the first day I haven’t watched the coverage at work!!! I know, I actually had to do some work today! One of my students was in so I supported him. I was able to catch Rebecca Adlington compete in her 800m heats which was good. I have ofc been watching this evening and saw the lads win gold in the cycling and watched the swimming too. What a shame about our women cyclists.

All this sport makes me wish I had continued with sports after school. I’m not saying I would be competing at the Olympics or anything like that but it would be nice to be on a team playing in matches. I do figure skating and ice dance but that’s a solo sport really and I am not goo enough to compete, I only took it up to make new friends when I moved to Peterborough but it turned out I was all right at it 🙂 I used to be on the swimming, rugby, hockey and rounders teams at school and joined a swimming club and rugby club out of school. I didn’t pursue these sports at Uni because the other team embers were a bit scary but I kinda wish I had. People love being part of something, belonging to a team, working together especially when you win.

I am not particularly competitive with regards to intellectual pursuits but when it comes to sports, well that is a different matter! I want to win! Why lie? you don’t go to the Olympics to “take part” you go to win! I don’t take part in sports to take part I also want to win! I not a sore loser and I don’t have a paddy when I have lost (I don’t often lose so that’s good :D) I just get on with it but before I take part in an event whatever it is I get a massive surge of adrenaline and I rally want to win! Sometimes the adrenaline is too much though, it takes over and I get nervous which is ridiculous. You would need that when you are representing your country but not when you are playing rounders against friends or trying to over take the bike in front of you on the road 😀 Yes I do that! I secretly ace people, at the gym, at the pool and cycling to and from work! They don’t know but I am over taking them because it’s secretly a race, I love it!

So hat was a bit about my crazy competitive side, I think I get it from my dad! I love taking part in sports!

Right I should go to bed, I’m tired and already don’t want to get up for work in the morning!!!

Night xxx

Olympic obsession

That is what I have!

I watched literally all day Sunday, Monday at work where I could, all Monday evening, All day today and all evening! I can safely say that I love it! I have watched other Olympics but I think it being held in London has made it special! I have done my fair share of shouting at the T.V and the track and field events haven’t even started yet!

I have watched everything from swimming to weightlifting, yes weightlifting! I have obviously been watching anything GB are in and then any other bits and pieces. My favourite event so far has got to be the swimming followed, rowing, gymnastics, diving, volleyball, the cycling road race and hockey.

We have had some good swimmers especially Willis and Jamison, fingers crossed for their final. Becky Adlington got us a bronze which was awesome. There is just something about the swimming, I’m not sure if it’s because I used to swim but it is exciting and shouting at the T.V at our guys is good fun.

My favourite moments so far have to be:

Lizzie Armitstead winning a silver in the road race

Well done Lizzie

Ruta Meilutyte winning gold in the 100m breaststroke! I’m pretty sure the rest of GB were rooting for her like we were. Ruta is only 15 and was completely shell shocked after winning gold. Bless her.

Winning 100m breaststroke at 15

The men’s gymnastic team winning bronze then silver then bronze again.

Men’s gymnastic team, bronze winners

We are currently 21 in the medal table, 2 silver and 2 bronze! We may not have loads but I am proud of team GB they are doing a great job out there and I think the home crowd are doing a great job of cheering them on too.

Hopefully we will be able to get some tickets for something next week, I don’t really mind what we go to its just being part of it that counts!

Good luck to our team I will be watching.


Great British Pride!

Have to say that is the general feeling amongst my family and friends at the moment!

When I heard we were going to be hosting the Olympics I was pretty excited as were a lot of other people, that was in 2005, seven years ago now! I was still at Uni. After a while my enthusiasm for this event somewhat dwindled. People started complaining, money was an issue, transport another issue, the biding for tickets, the price of tickets, lots of complaining about tickets to be honest, tax payers money, security, etc, etc, etc. I got a bit sick of it all, it was exciting for me because we would get to see the Olympics in our own country, we would be able to get tickets and support our team, that didn’t really happen!

Hosting the Olympics had stopped being about sports and more about money, I know I should have really expected that but I didn’t want to, I was excited about all the sports we would be able to see. For the past year I have been ignoring all of the Olympic advertising and not really paying any attention then with one week to go and all all the hype from the torch bearers I started to get excited.

The opening ceremony was the main topic of conversation at work on Friday with everyone saying where they were watching it, with who and what food they were going to eat. It was interesting to find out that no one was having anything traditionally English, there was Indian, Italian, Chinese and Mexican :D. I had to get the train back to Watford and was worried that I might miss the beginning of the ceremony but I didn’t. On my walk From Kings Cross to Euston I did notice it was busier than normal, lots of tourists with maps, Olympic volunteers  at the stations and groups of 4 police officers on every corner. I got home in time to have Indian take away and watch the opening ceremony.


Forging the Olympic rings


The ceremony was amazing, the focus was on English history with the industrial revolution forging the Olympic rings which was very impressive. The cauldron was excellent with petal like object being carried by each Olympic team which came together at the end to create the cauldron. There was also a focus on British music because in my opinion we do have the best music in the world :D. The Queen’s lil sketch was so funny, she is great. There was too much going on to talk about but it made us feel very proud to be British (English). The only disappointment was Paul Mccartney, he just needs to  disappear!

The only other thing I am annoyed about atm is the amount of empty seats at the various venues, especially the pool! We would love to be there supporting our teams but the tickets were just too expensive or hard to get hard of because of the bidding procedure. They should sell all those tickets for £20 and I’m sure they would get rid of them all!

I cant be bothered to go into all the rules and advertising atm because I am enjoying the sports!

I have been watching live coverage on BBC since 9.30am and that is all I am doing today 😀 No wedding stuff just relaxing and sports, maybe a cheeky Maccy D’s later if Dave lets me!!!!

Good luck team GB! We really are Great!



Just things


What a beautiful day it is and what a beautiful weekend we had! Not a cloud in the sky, lovely! I really was having enough of that miserable rainy weather, I can’t believe the difference. It makes me happy :o)
No posts this weekend because I have been without my laptop. I went back to watford at the weekend for my mums birthday and to do some wedding things! Thursday night Dave and I went out for dinner with a friend of mine which was lovely and so good to catch up! they both had loads of meat and chips and I just had a beetroot salad!!! Go me! Friday we went to see the registrar and for some strange reason I got a bit nervous and my anxiety kicked in which I wasn’t happy about but I managed to get on with things. I bought a new hoodie in St Albans and then we went to see the farm where we’re getting married. In the evening we took my mum to Zoo lates at London zoo which was really good, my sis and her bf came too. On Saturday it wa my mums birthday and we had breakfast and gave her her presents in the traditional Wood family way! Then we went to see Dave’s nan and then into town to meet the girls who are working at our wedding, that was good and they were excited which made us more excited :D. In the evening we went to Dave’s mate’s house for dinner and a catch up which was nice. Sunday we drove to this pretty village in essex to view the tipis they are beautiful, we were having a look to work out how to arrange the furniture and decorations!

So we had a pretty weekend very weddingy which has made us more excited! I also had quite a few comments on my weight loss which has made me feel good!

One annoying thing about getting married is people’s opinions! Everyone has different ideas about everything how they think things should go. I appreciate them all but being indecisive I find it hard to make a decision especially when maybe Dave wants something one way and parents want it a different way! I’m kinda in the middle then and again, indecisive!

I just really want the day to come, I don’t want time to get nervous and worry about things! At least iv got time to lose a bit more weight, that is good!

Tomorrow will definitely be a non wedding post, promise :o)

Enjoy the beautiful evening xxx

Happy camper


Some of my happiest times have been on a camping trip! It is safe to say that I loooooooove camping and I looooooooove tents! Big time! My friends and I have referred to looking at tents as “tent porn” No not because we get off on it but because we just cant help ourselves and looooooove tents!

I’ve had a few tents but my first “proper” (as in a spent a decent amount of money on it) tent was a Wynnster, I bought it from a camping shop in St Albans and I loved it! It’s a tunnel tent which seem pretty good but they are not the best in bad weather! This tent did me well and was spacious, you can easily sit on camping chairs in the porch section. One sad night it wasnt up for the job and the wind got the better of some of it poles, it is still usable though!

First proper tent

It took me a long time to pick a new tent, I wanted something strong, spacious, with lots of living area but it didn’t want to pay loads for it! I know right, tough decision ha ha! So I looked at countless tents online and in tent shops. I didn’t a tunnel tent again, I wanted something where the poles cross over to give it a bit more stability. Then one camping trip I spotted it! The tent! The mighty bell tent! I really really wanted one, they are so pretty and I didnt know at the time but they are amazing!

Beautiful bell tent

The bell tent stands up to everything including wind! On a trip to our favourite camp site in Devon last summer everyone else’s tents looked awful, some of them had broken and some had even blown away! Not the trusty bell tent because of the way its constructed with all the guys it is very stable. It only has two poles, one in the middle holing it up and one at the entrance keeping the door up! The canvas means its totally waterproof and doesn’t leak and the bathtub ground sheets means no water will in under the tent and no slugs either 😀 It doesn’t come with an inner tent that’s an extra but it makes the sleeping area so warm and cozy, I have never been so cozy in a tent!  I suppose the only down point is that it weighs a lot but then if we camp we’ve got the car or if its a festival we have a trolley to pull it around on!

My dream job would be to run my own campsite! I love them and I love all the little touches some people add to their campsites! I have stayed at some lovely ones, my favourites are natural and allow camp fires because the majority don’t. There is nothing like drinking hot choc and roasting marshmallows plus you can stay up later with a fire because it keeps you warmer.

The old vineyard. Not there any more 😦

St Ives

The guy who runs this site in St Ives , Russell is amazing, all the facilities were awesome and clean and there was wet suit washing facilities too! http://lowerpencampsite.4t.com/

Here are a few campsites I would like to pay a trip to in the future 😀





Happy camping guys even if it is in this weather! It is meant to be nicer next week! Fingers crossed.

Oh and I have lost 5lbs already this week, woo hoo!

Laters xxx

Kick up the ass!

53 days to go!

Anyway……….. I’m on day 3 of my detox! Yesterday I was STARVING! Today I’m not too bad, kinda hungry now but it is dinner time! Fruit is getting me through 😀

I decided to go on a detox because I needed a bit of a kick up the back side and I thought it might help me feel better, less groggy and bloated! I have lost 3lbs so that’s a lb a day which is cool! On the 3rd of January (the 2nd was my dad’s birthday and I wanted cake!) I decided to cut out dairy because I had a feeling I might be lactose intolerant (which I am) and try to lose weight (mainly for the big day) So far I have lost around 2 stone but I have been pretty bad the last month or so and haven’t really shifted anything, just staying the same, putting on a lbs one week then losing it again! It was getting on my nerves and with 53 days to go and about a stone left to shift I needed something to get me back into it!!!

I am not starving myself and only having juices and I am only doing it for a week so I have until Sunday! This is what an average day looks like

Breakfast: scrambled egg with veg or fruit

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: lots of veg and rice (stir fry style, ratatouille, roasted)

Snacks: banana, satsuma, water melon, blue berries, grapes, apricots, cherry tomatoes.

There will no sweets until the wedding day now! I have been awful the last month having sweets all the time! I think it’s because all I really want is dairy, I love Cadbury’s chocolate and I have been craving it! 7 months with out choc for someone who looooooooooves it is a bloody long time! I miss it as well as puddings and cheese! Being Lactose intolerant sucks big time!!!!!

After Sunday I will introduce meat but will stick to more fruit and NO SWEETS!!!!!

Right I suppose I’d better go and sort out some dinner as the bf is out and he does all the cooking (and washing up, I know I am spoilt!)

Laters xxx